How We Say Goodbye And Leave

by Goldaline, My Dear

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released September 1, 2011

recorded, mixed and produced by andrea and ivan at Stop Studio, rimini, italy
additional graphic work by ilaria
goldaline, my dear are davide and tommaso.
licensed by Stop Records. all rights are reserved. -
thank you
rimini, july-september 2011



all rights reserved


Goldaline, My Dear Rimini, Italy

1999: soccer champ in junior high school (scored a brace in the semi)
2002: learned how to play the guitar
2011: "How to say goodbye and leave" EP is out
2014: new untitled EP is expected to be released at some point

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Track Name: Wreckage
goldaline, we met by chance in 1999
your eyes were sparkling lights like shooting stars
and I was just a shy kid behind a stupid laughter
and all the jokes and shit, I kept with me the things I wouldn't dare to say
we were close, I should have kissed your lips long time ago
we should have learned the things we didn't know
like how we need each other and how we can't pretend that
we are not the same who slept entwined as if it was a mistake
we try to bring those golden days back again
we try to hurt each other until we're sorry
we try to forget the things that tore us apart
we try but now we can't make things come our way
goldaline, you left your keys, a bra and some old books
I kept them in a room inside my heart
we're meant to be together and when we both get older
you will marry me, I'll kiss your lips and we'll sleep aside again
Track Name: Bedroom
you woke me up at 8 am with a ray of sunlight and a smile in your face
and I was so happy that I would never let you go
you tried to whisper in my ear that song by neutral milk hotel
but you cannot sing in tune and I hit you with the pillow in your face
and you hit me back and we would get so close that I thought that we were going to start a war
but you said you had to go to work and you walked to the kitchen singin' that song again
and I wouldn't care if you're the one who always let me down
I was so self-conscious and you were beautiful in your springtime dress
and now that you have gone away sometimes I surprise myself
watchin' movies from the end and cryin' for no reason
the good times and the bad times in this life they come and go
they come and go away like rainstorms in june, as you said
"don't be scared about the future, there's a lot of sunny days and cold beers yet to come"
but I know that I will never meet again a girl that makes me smile like you do
and it's true, oh god knows if that thing I read in a book is true
that we can't love anything more than something we miss
and I know that I have no one else to blame for the things that will never be back again
and I know that I have no one else to blame for all the times that I thought I could make it by myself
Track Name: Dinner
everyday I wait till sunset then I set the table for the two of us
it's 8 PM again and I wonder what you would like to have
a glass of wine? should I go grab some chinese food?
I hope you don't mind, I forgot to pour water in your glass
you know, I hate dining all alone
then the stereo plays some rocky songs, I light a candle and turn off the lights
and I wait again till I have to throw it all in the trash
'cause you didn't show up as everyday for the last year
for the rest of my life I'll wait for you to come back for dinner
you know, I hate dining all alone.
your room is exactly as you left it that day
when we fought over something I already forgot
all my clothes are on the chair, I have no socks left
I don't sleep at night and I don't pay the rent
the cat is almost dead, I don't water the plants
I keep looking at those pictures of the holiday in spain
my parents say you're a bitch, I know it's not true
and I’ve never been good at getting over the ones I miss
you, I know, you will be happy with somebody else soon
and all I've got is a set table and a dinner made for two
as I wait for you to come home
Track Name: Dream Dream
razor blades and monkey guts, a cup of tea at 6 o'clock and a rotten pie
fancy clothes and brand new shoes, a semen spiral all over you if you don't mind
I look at people in the morning, I spit on them from the 6th floor 'till I get enough
kerosene and some junk food, bad music, drugs, they led me through a restless night
I'll set the bed on fire, leave a note and cut off the lights
and when the house is burning down I'll have a coffee and a cigarette
I'll call my mom and tell her I'm ok since I'm not hanging out with her anymore
drunken ladies in their furs, burglars dancing on the roof of a baptist church
and before I could get dressed I was invited to play chess by a korean girl
my father killed ten thousand cats, he spread their ashes and the rest in the light blue sky
and now I'm living on the moon, I was driven there by my balloon and I can't get back.
I left all my friends behind and I forgot to take the toothbrush
and I won't be sacrificed to an army of drug dealers
among them I see my old uncle jim, he's waving his hands at me
I don't believe in horoscopes, they predict my death almost everyday
and yet I quit smoking more than half an hour ago
under the acid rains I dance with you as I watch your skin turning blue
and when I make the robot move you cry
“there's a fire in your eyes, your insanity is getting worse
you don't seem to realize that you're living in a bad dream
and when you wake up I won't be there, it's just no one but you and the world”
Track Name: Mark L
I've seen a thousand perfect places where I could hang myself
if only I was desperate enough to do that
I have seen the faces of the people I miss the most, standing in line along the dead railway
there's a ghost in our bedrooms, that we are happy to embrace
and when we close our eyes we see the dead trees showing us the path
for the days to come, we go hand in hand with the ghost.
I can hear the soil, it is breathing and beating and I feel like I belong to nowhere
hope is a wooden sinking ship where we look for shelter when we're lost in the storms of everyday
there's a ghost in our bedrooms, he's always keeping us awake,
crushing our shoulders under the burden of the things we have never left behind
just like this love song for a ghost