Pretend the World is Funny and Forever

by Goldaline, My Dear



written and performed by Goldaline, My Dear
Gaio Biondi (Nelcaso) plays the trumpet in Dukakis – much appreciated
recorded, mixed, and mastered at Stop Studio, Rimini
produced by Andrea Muccioli, Ivan Tonelli and Goldaline, My Dear
released by Stop Records and Mixtapesimade.
artwork by Errata Disain ( )
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all rights reserved


Goldaline, My Dear Rimini, Italy

1999: soccer champ in junior high school (scored a brace in the semi)
2002: learned how to play the guitar
2011: "How to say goodbye and leave" EP is out
2014: new untitled EP is expected to be released at some point

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Track Name: Cheesy, Cheesy, Cheesy
I might have seen your face hidden somewhere in between a wishful thinking, just a way to fuck me around

I'm pilin'up regretsfigurin'out what could have been all i've got is sad songs to write down

looking for some crying shame this brand new haircut will help me outcheesy/doldrums/pony tailsa list of words i'm getting used to know

then suddenly some memories are brought up in my mindbut it's all gone, it's all forgotten the next day

I wonder if I see you will it be the same again?but if you ask me this time i will stay

and hit on you gently
Track Name: How Are Things?
Your fondness is pushing me towards disasters a wormhole leading straight into this mess a repetition pattern called “your life” homecoming queens and trailer parks

Dissolving youth, shooting cans, out of boredom and despairstop whispering, the movie's on, here's Greta Gerwig

Calm down, think petty crime is not the answer i think we'd rather start a new rock bandbut there's no choice, it's consequences we'll call it “Hannah takes the stairs”

I don't give a shit about the rules of engagement in this game we're getting old, and yet we're stuck in this outrageous town how are things with you, last time you lost your jobwe got wasted, remember how we thought it felt so right

thought that time would help me fix my broken teethsaid i'll never be so cold and mean in the first place but then everything got wrong, my curtains torn apart i thought you knew that i can be better than this
Track Name: Twilight of the Pornstars (Marie Song)
Sleepwalking into outer space we cannot fallI swear we won't, don't ever wake us up Marie just say goodbye to mom and dad and things on earththe brightest star I'll name it after you Marie

for when it comes we're tired enough to go away from home, just tell me when to go Marie

Floating into outer space, this emptiness we cannot know, don't ever wake us up Marie so long and thanks to mom and dad, the ones you lovedyour favorite song I'll name it after you
Track Name: Goomah
I don't think you knew what you were going to put yourself through when you decided to leave

I know that my suggestion is more of a delusion, baby please don't blame it on mebut why don't you come home, we'll catch up to where we left offi'll be out on parole, you're still young with nowhere to go

you know, jersey's mean and you need your man to hold you...into my arms: so don't give up on who you are
Track Name: Jake "The Snake" Roberts
See, when we got acquaintedI said I was gonna give my best to you but snakes are cold blooded you know they say they're untrustworthy

Here the women come and gotalk of how phony and bogus I've beenit's a matter of distance and timesoon they will hate themselves too

I lay in my bed as my head is still shaking with youand I dream of a place that I know where god, I would never say noit's hard to be faking a grin that will lead me to blowas the mountains and rivers go by, and the skin of this heart grows fatter'til it melts into maelstrom

shivering, meaningful reptilewould you take me away now that you have found me?and the burden of centuries of lies,its rationale is going askew

I met you at the Kai Shek memorialand
I could say was a toodle-fuckin'-ooan it actually starts hurting in julythen all of sudden it will go

I lay in my bed as my head is still shaking with youand I dream of a place that I know where god, I would never say noit's hard to be faking a grin that will lead me to blowas the mountains and rivers go by, and the skin of this heart grows fatternow it don't anymore

I'm looking back, and all I can seeis a mixture of painkillers and joySherri's dead body still over there, doctors say maybe she od'ed

I'm not gonna lie but all that I've learnedthere's no valuable lesson to learnregretting is never worth shit, and it takes even more to forget

cause we're all bad actors in this life, just don't take it too seriouslythe lights are now growing dim, feel the snake's embrace
Track Name: Northern Outskirts of Stockholm
Feeling it all, tryin' to say goodbye, as a fierce wind blows

I've been tryin to say that, I will miss your grimace more than you'll ever know